Virtualization of Data Centers

Today, a data center is not possible without virtualization. However, the explosion of cloud services is causing a new change towards more flexible models (public and private cloud) in which infrastructure, storage and/or networks are defined by software


Manufacturers such as Citrix, Microsoft and VMware provide solutions that allow for the management of resources regardless of their location, which take on abstract forms not only based on hardware but rather also based on storage and networking layers as well as the hypervisor itself.


Ozona’s experience in the virtualization of data centers has allowed it to design a complete combination of solutions oriented towards the new requirements of data centers, such as the design of high-availability (HA) environments, geographic clusters (GSLB), Disaster Recovery (DR), and backup (on the level of data, virtual machines, on the cloud, etc.).


Main manufacturers

  • Citrix
  • Microsoft
  • VMWare


Added-value manufacturers

  • Commvault: Advanced BackUp solutions
  • Dell: Infrastructure for data centers
  • HP: Infrastructure for data centers
  • NetApp: Flexible storage designed for virtualization and cloud environments
  • Netscaler (Citrix): Balancing of services, geographic clustering (GSLB), protection of online service, VPN SSL, etc.
  • Veeam: Advanced BackUp solutions
  • vSAN (VMware): Virtualization of storage