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Ozona Technology is a member of the Ozona Group, which was founded in 2002 along with the company Ozona Consulting. Both companies share the vocation of specializing in concrete business sectors, positioning themselves in the market as leading companies in their sector of activity.

Ozona tecnología

Ozona tecnología

Virtualization and cloud services


  • Desktop transformation
  • Enterprise mobility
  • Datacenter virtualization

Ozona consulting

Ozona consulting

Process consulting services


  • IT service management
  • Information security management
  • Business continuity management
  • IT service continuity management

We believe that to be the best, you don’t have to be the biggest. A company’s greatness is demonstrated in each of its actions.

Ozona Technology was created in 2002 by a professional group that believed in the future of virtualization. Today, we continue to believe in its enormous potential and have become a team. For it, we have built a real company in which people are our most important asset.




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Business Model

Ozona’s business model is based on three fundamental values:


Virtualization & cloud computing


The only way is to do things well


We don’t think on the limits


Ozona is made up of professionals who are well-prepared, committed to their job, and who have the ability to integrate into a company in which teamwork comes first.

Training is an essential pillar of our model, and the certification of manufacturers is the guarantee of quality service.


Professionals who know what to do


Professionals who design solutions and integrate them with the customer


Professionals who implement, build and further develop solutions


Professionals in operations, maintenance and support



  • Ozona is located where its employees, customers and projects are.
  • We are close to our customers so that they can see our company in its full dimensions.
  • We speak your language and commit to providing you with results. We are trustworthy and work to maintain our good reputation.
  • To do this, we provide the solvency of a large company along with the agility of a small one.
  • Our customers have always known that we are committed to our work, and that it why they recommend us.
  • We are concerned about their needs and we make their challenges ours

Áreas de especialización

We use virtualization to build services for enterprise mobility and virtual job postings as well as added value services for data centers and remote access.

We provide our customers with tools to increase their business productivity through increasing the amount of functions available to the business, the centralization of management and the reduction of TCO.

We complete the management cycle of an IT solution: design and optimization, performance management, backup, storage, support, etc.

We accompany our customers through the entire process of the implementation of a complex solution: the analysis of problems, the selection and comparison of technologies, the design of solutions, the management of the implementation project, after-sales support and even the operation of the virtual platforms that support it.

Transformation of job postings

Transformation of job postings

  • Today’s changing business environment is forcing people to redefine jobs to include flexibility and mobility as essential requirements.
  • Virtual Desktop is the technological answer to this reality.

Enterprise mobility

Enterprise mobility

  • The wide-spread use of mobile devices is changing the way we access information.
  • The line separating the personal and professional use of devices is getting less distinct every day, which creates challenges in terms of the security and confidentiality of information.

Virtualization of data centers

Virtualization of data centers

  • Today, a data center is not possible without virtualization. However, the explosion of cloud services is causing a new change towards more flexible models (public and private cloud) in which infrastructure, storage and/or networks are defined by software.


We make your virtual world a reality from start to finish, adapting it to both today and tomorrow.


We offer managed services for virtualization environments that provide Ozona’s entire portfolio of services, which are designed to meet the most demanding replacement and continuity objectives.


  • Consulting and Assessment, ROI/TCO analysis, mobility strategies
  • Agnostic advising for products and technologies
  • Design, implementation and development of turnkey products
  • Operation and Maintenance Services
  • Support Service and help desk 7x24x365


Ozona adapts to the service conditions and SLAs required with great flexibility in each case


We have built an offering of a customized, adjustable service that can be pay as you grow and which can be adapted to the needs of each customer to cover their current and future needs


What do you have, what do you want and what do you need?


Making the right choice now is to always succeed in the future


Planning, execution, verification and delivery


Your continuity is our priority


Quality of service when it is needed most


This service offers the tools necessary for the proactive management of IT services. Anticipating incidents, problems, managing capacity, etc. are some of the possibilities that this monitoring service offers.

Industry Solutions


  • Ozona has vast knowledge and experience in the virtualization of engineering environments. Over the past 5 years, we have developed projects for large multinational corporations in the energy and engineering sector, in which we have analyzed the problems facing them


  • It is hard to find such diverse and critical needs for access to information as within a hospital. These needs range from admission to the Emergency Department to specialized care, bedside care, X-ray and surgery services, etc.


Ozona’s customers are large companies and important government bodies.











Ozona is a leading supplier in its business segments and holds a prominent position among the channel of partners of the main virtualization manufacturers:


Avda. General Martínez Campos, 44 · 28010 · Madrid
Tel: +34 91 781 09 57 · Fax: +34 91 575 87 44


Plaça Universitat, 3 – 7º 1ª · 08007 · Barcelona
Tel: +34 93 394 19 90 · Fax: + 34 93 394 19 94


Avda. San Marcos 31B · 15890 · Santiago de Compostela
Tel: +34 981 53 63 03 · Fax: +34 981 53 51 34


Rua Basílio Teles, 35 9º Dto · 1070-020 · Lisboa
Tel: +351 213 527 170 · Fax: +351 213 527 172

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